Great Weekend Programs

Buddies Lounge

The ultimate Lounge show, in LIVING STEREO, is coming to an end soon. Listen for the final episodes  SATURDAYS:  3-5 P.M. PACIFIC; 6-8 P.M. EASTERN. LISTEN FOR THE ENCORE AT 6 P.M. Pacific!

The Spin O Rama Hour 

Join our friend, Esther for one hour per week of memories and her special blend of music, presented without commercial interruption. Sundays 10-11:00 A.M. Pacific!

Fred Hall’s Swing Thing

Fred Hall's SWING THING is featured on the weekends and includes classic interviews and music from the Swing Era. If you love the stars from the big bands, you'll love this show! Sundays 3:00 p.m. Pacific Time.

Fred Hall with studio guests in the late ‘40s.

Fred Hall in the studio in the ‘40s.